Institute of Accelerating Systems and Applications

National & Kapodistrian University of Athens


Doctoral Theses:

Analysis and design of modern receiver architectures
Konstantinos Nikitopoulos, Physics Department, University of Athens, 2005 (pdf)

Algorithmic design for Adaptive Modulation and Coding © phase noise mitigation in OFDM systems
Ioannis Dagres, Department of Electrical and Computer Enginering, University of Patras, 2011 (pdf)

Undergraduate Diploma Theses:

Channel estimation methods with the use of pilot subcarriers in OFDM systems
Stelios Stefanatos, Physics Department, 2003 (pdf)

Synchronization methods with cross-correlation and impact of phase noise in OFDM systems
Ioannis Anestos, Physics Department, 2002

Frequency synchronization algorithms for OFDM systems
Konstantinos Plessas, Physics Department, 2002

Time synchronization for OFDM systems
Efthymios Serpetzoglou, Physics Department, 2002

Practical decoding of convolutional codes with use of Viterbi algorithm in Matlab
Leonidas Tzevelekas, Physics Department, 2000

Undergraduate Courses:

Stochastic Signals and Applications
Physics Department, 7th semester
Lecture notes: (pdf), Estimation Theory presentation: (pdf)
problems: set 1, set 2, set 3, set 4
Visualization of Statistical concepts

Digital Signal Processing
Physics Department, 7th semester
Lecture notes: Lecture 1, Lecture 2 (Exercises), Lectures 3-4, Lecture 5, Additional Exercises

Master Courses:

Random Processes
R/H, 1st semester, notes

Digital Modems
R/H, 3rd semester, outline: (pdf)
lecture 1 , lecture 2 , lecture 3 , lecture 4 , lecture 5
Lect.1 problems, Lect.2 problems, Exam problems

Advanced Class on Digital Modems
R/H, 4th semester, outline: (pdf), course webpage: link